Tuesday, July 5, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit #8

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

the dudes with whom I spent my 4th of July (photo from sophomore year)

This outfit comes to you after an 8-hour work day at the Taco joint. I went home, took a long nap (interrupted every 15 minutes by a particular cat in need of attention), shaved my legs, put on an actual outfit, and headed over to my friends' house for a 4th of July celebration! We drank summer ale, made milkshakes, and watched the downtown fireworks. It was a great night. and I even liked my outfit. =) What is it about heels that can make a girl feel so much more like a woman?

Shirt & Shorts- Urban Outfitters, Shoes & Belt- Target

I know, I know... I used my dinky little Canon Powershot (which I actually love) instead of a legit camera.... but give me a pass for this one, please?

This outfit makes me reminisce on the fun week I spent in Charleston with Stephanie over my 20th birthday, when I actually bought these shorts & shirt! We had so many amazing memories: laying out on the beach, eating at Taco Boy, drinking Pomegranite Michelob Ultras, waking up with Sebastian laying in between my legs, and accidentally eating chicken on our pizza at Mellow Mushroom! haha. What a fun summer.

 me & Sebastian

me & Steph, just chillin on the beach at Charleston

I miss that summer. 

I hope everyone had an excellent 4th of July!!!

Tomorrow I'm celebrating by hiking with Stephanie & then having a cookout with my favorite ladies!!!

And Thursday I get to have a WHOLE DAY OFF with my husband. I can't wait. =)

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stephanie said...

I miss that summer too. It was so good! And I like your outfit, it looks really good! Those shorts look great on you :)