Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit #29

Shirt- JCrew, Pants- Gap, Shoes- Target, Sweater- Macy's




Only one more to go!!! I can't even believe it.

Today was a horrible day at work. I am so emotionally exhausted from working as a restaurant manager. I'm the only female manager, and I definitely feel the pressures of being the young woman on the management staff. I feel really unfulfilled and disrespected at my job, and I'm just really sick of it. I want a job where I am guaranteed 40 hours per week, where I'm respected and trusted, and where I feel like I'm actually doing something of worth on this earth. I've applied to a few different places around town & am currently waiting to hear back on a particular prospective position. Seriously, someone hire me despite my age, please. I am a very capable 22-year-old. And I want to work hard and do work that matters.

On a happier note, I got the night off to hang out with my husband, paint a lamp, and make us a really tasty dinner. My favorite new recipe is this one for cheddar garlic biscuits!! Seriously. So easy to make, bake quickly, and absolutely delicious. Love love love.




stephanie said...

You'll find a job eventually, I know it. But remember, you are doing something of worth. If no one worked at restaurants, where would we eat? Just because you're not "saving the world" doesn't mean you're not doing something of worth. People who work at restaurants are working hard and helping people, which is awesome.

From Suns To Moons said...

Keep your chin up, something will come up! I've had several bad jobs which only got better with age. Hang in there!