Wednesday, July 13, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit #15




Shirt- Zara, Jeans- Gap, Shoes- Target

I can't believe I'm halfway done with 30 for 30! Hurrah! This is my daytime outfit, and then I'll show you what I'm wearing for my nighttime outfit. Versatility, guys. 

I'm writing this post in Kingsport with Steph & Sarah!!! =) We're here for a few days to go to some of Steph's favorite Kingpsort spots & then to see Harry Potter 7.2!

Tonight we're eating at Steph's favorite restaurant, Tomy Thai, then going to the Johnson City Mall, and then getting drinks at Steph's favorite bar in JC! I'm really excited to have some girl time, though I'll definitely miss my sweet husband.

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