Saturday, January 29, 2011

Honeymoon = SEASIDE!

The honeymoon is officially booked in our own private beachfront cottage in Seaside, FL.

It was a horrible headache trying to get everything to work out, but it all came together perfectly after some seriously hard work.

and THIS is the cottage where we will be staying:
(yes, it has a jacuzzi on the porch!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


This weekend, I have been lying in my bed miserably sick. Oh the joys of having some sort of nasty virus. I'm probably going to be hitting up the clinic tomorrow if I'm still having the respiratory issues that are currently plaguing me.... fingers crossed that it's just a virus.

One of the most horrible ironies of being sick & having to skip work is that it makes one too tired & worn out to even accomplish anything, even homework. Today I tried to unload the dishwasher & got winded.... seriously. But, my remedy for this problem has been to entertain myself between 5-hour naps to watch a couple episodes of Parks & Recreation. I have officially watched the entire series. I'll admit, it's a pretty hilarious show. At first I thought it was a bit too much like The Office, but I honestly think it's a lot more dynamic than The Office. Amy Poehler's character is absolutely hilarious, and I kind of love her a lot (partly because she's a super feminist).

I've also been listening to the new Iron & Wine album, Kiss Each Other Clean, which is posted on Conan O'Brien's website for free streaming!!! It officially comes out on the 25th, and I'm SO excited. Iron & Wine is my absolute favorite "band" (though it's really one mastermind- Sam Beam), and part of me knew that Nathan & I were meant together when he claimed Iron & Wine as one of his favorites, too.

And of course, Nathan has been absolutely wonderful this whole time. He's come to my rescue every night after work & brought me medicine, popsicles, and has tolerated my patheticness. Today he came over and made me breakfast and didn't make fun of me when I fell asleep like an hour after waking up from a 13-hour night of sleep. Seriously, he is already the best husband I could image, and he isn't even my husband yet. But only 130 more days until he is.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Honeymoon, please.

Lately Nathan & I have been extremely communicative about our financial situation, which I think is a very, very good thing to be doing, since we will be joining bank accounts in a few short months! We've both been working our tails off to save up as much money as we can so as to be able to put down deposits on our honeymoon & our wedding rings. Then we need to have enough money to pay for honeymoon flights, security deposit at our new apartment, and I'm sure plenty of other various newly-wed costs.

While it's a bit stressful, I've never been more motivated to save money. I absolutely cannot wait to spend an entire week celebrating my marriage with Nathan by laying out on the beach all day.

My favorite possible location is currently Hotel Manchebo in Aruba. It's roughly within our price range; it's small & peaceful; they have a great all-inclusive package including all meals, all drinks, a couple's massage, a sunset cruise, champagne upon arrival, and more; it's IN ARUBA; it has a private beach..... sounds perfect, right?

Fingers crossed that it works out.

All I really care about at this point is become Mrs. Dryden. Only 136 more days. I could not be more in love or more excited. =)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fine Dining

Tonight, Nathan & I made a delicious dinner for his roommates Ian and Jessica. They're dear friends of ours, and it was a joy to spend the evening with them. Dinner was hosted at my apartment because they requested to see the full-grown kitties. We had a blast.

The menu:
  • baked flaky-pastry brie covered in honey & a red wine reduction
  • salad of mixed greens with walnuts, breaded goat cheese balls, and balsamic vinaigrette
  • homemade fresh tomato soup with fresh herbs
  • red wine
It was SO tasty. I was honestly very pleased with my abilities as a cook. =) I could've eaten that meal a million times over. It was the perfect amount of food for 4 people, and perfect for 4 vegetarians!

We had lots of fun eating, chatting, watching kitties, and just spending time together. I can't wait to do this all the time when Nathan & I are married.Nathan, Jessica, & Ian on graduation day

My soon-to-be New Family

Check out this website of photos of the Dryden clan. How cool... I'm going to be a Dryden!!! What an amazing family to be a part of. HOW AWESOME?!?!?!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A good day.

Today was a good day.

I'm currently sitting at home & reflecting over the things that have made me happy today.

First of all, Nathan.
  • He is, of course, the most handsome man I know.
  • Today we ate lunch with his Uncle Bill & Aunt Amanda, and their two precious little girls, Ellery Cate and Emery Grace, who just happen to be our flower girls for the wedding. =)
    I was reminded of how much I LOVE Nathan's family & how excited I am to be a Dryden.
  • He starts his second semester at Vanderbilt Divinity School tomorrow, and I could not be more proud of him. He is such a talented, intelligent, and passionate man, and I am consistently blown away by the quality of the work he produces and the amount of effort he puts forth. He is definitely, hands down, the most motivated and determined individual I have ever met.
  • Um, hi, have you LOOKED AT HIM?!?
  • Also, he is absolutely the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate man I've ever known.
  • He has a sense of humor enough to put up with me.
  • 145 days until we're married!
Next of all, my job @ Taco Mamacita:
  • I've been working NONSTOP this week to save up for our honeymoon! (Aruba or St. Lucia? Any advice?!?)
  • I really love my job. The food is awesome, the people are incredible, and the customers are typically really fun. It's the best work environment I've ever known, and I've never been more satisfied to work my butt off (it's a lot easier to work really hard when it's for a company you believe in).
  • Although our owner is 24 and still trying to figure out the whole "owner of a business/manager of a lot of people who have lives and, importantly, human emotions" thing, the managerial staff of Taco Mamacita is seriously awesome.
  • We got sweatshirts as a Christmas gift! Though I would've liked a Christmas bonus, we all know that would never happen, so a sweatshirt will suffice. =)
  • Tonight at work we were SUPER slow because of the snowy forecast, so I just colored and hung out with all of my awesome Taco Mamacita friends.
  • We decided to have a fun "Mamacita night" (ladies of Taco M.) at Burger Up sometime soon.... fun!
  • I had LOTS of fun this weekend with my Taco M friends- two shows (I might be the only person there that isn't a musician) and a going-away party complete with tasty appetizers!
And, of course (you knew I was going to mention it).... my CATS!
  • Fiero & Corduroy got a new scratch-tower for Christmas, and they LOVE it. But, they don't play with it like a normal cat would. Fiero curls around it upside-down & spazzes out.... it's hilarious.
  • Corduroy has recently discovered the joy of jingle-ball toys. It's so entertaining to watch.
  • They meow at me whenever they want something (food, attention, playing, treats, water, petting, etc.), which means there is always the sweet sound of kitties. And their meows are so distinctly different, which is cute.
  • They are SO cuddly all the time, which is particularly fun in the winter because their fur is really thick and cozy. mmmm, kitty cuddling. =)
  • They keep me company & bring me joy!
  • They know Nathan.... tonight Fiero & Corduroy perked their ears up when they heard Nathan's car pulling into the parking lot. They love their daddy!
  • Even when they throw up all over my carpet, I still love 'em..... that's how you know it's true love.
I'll be honest, life is great. And it's a little bit better right now because I'm drinking a Taco Mamacita margarita! (some El Vez mix and my own batch of Sauza + Triple Sec).

School starts on Wednesday, and I'm honestly pretty excited. Have I done anything on my thesis over break? Absolutely not. But surely it'll get done in time for graduation, right?....

Until next time, friends. Stay safe in the snow!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my oh my!

Things have been seriously busy lately, thus the lack of posts.

Ever since getting home from my holiday trip, I've been working nonstop (which is a good thing, because I really needed to pay rent!) and trying to get life back in order.

My holidays were positively wonderful, but I'm ready to get back in gear. My LAST semester of college is coming up, and I'm really excited (and stressed).

I have very high hopes for 2011.

During 2011 I will:
  • write a thesis
  • graduate college
  • marry my best friend
  • live with a boy!
  • change my last name to Dryden
  • attempt to get a "real" job
  • be off all of my family's insurance plans
  • apply for graduate schools/ decide where to live next
  • and did I mention- be a WIFE!??!
I'm pretty pumped. This will undoubtedly be the most monumental year of my life so far.

Bring it on.