Thursday, July 7, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit #10

Tonight Nathan & I had a date night! We ate dinner at Sambuca and saw a movie at the Belcourt Theatre. I got all dressed up in outfit #10 for the evening. 

Dress- Francesca's, Shoes- Etsy, Belt- Target

We had a very lovely evening. We saw The Tree of Life, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.
Tomorrow we don't work until 5, so we're going to be sure to take advantage of our morning together.

I'm a big fan of this outfit. To tell you the truth, it's almost exactly what I wore for our "getaway" from the wedding reception! Those are the shoes I wore with my wedding dress, too! This is definitely one of my favorite dresses ever, and thus this is one of my favorite outfits yet.

It's almost Friday, y'all!


amy said...

you're such a babe it pains me. ok, it doesn't really pain me. but if i was really sensitive it would.

jenny said...

bennett and i saw the tree of life today! it was INCREDIBLE. we were both speechless afterwards.

oh, and you are hot. seriously.

stephanie said...

Hottie. I like dis one.