Thursday, July 14, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit #17






Dress- American Apparel, Shoes- TopShop

I love these photos. For one, Steph is an amazing photographer. And also, East TN is freakin' gorgeous. I miss the rolling hills and grassy fields when I'm in Nashville. These couple days are a breath of fresh air (literally), being in my favorite part of the country with my favorite women. 

Tonight we're having a cookout at Steph's grandparents', and I'm so excited. We're having veggie chili buns, coleslaw, potatoes, fruit, beer, and basically any staple TN food. I'm sure we'll also play wiffle ball, which means I'm sure I'll probably fall on my face again this year while running. 

Then tonight, we're going to the midnight showing of HARRY POTTER! I'm sure I'll cry, but I don't know if Steph & Sarah will be able to hold it together. Hah. We'll see!

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