Monday, August 1, 2011


Guys, I am having a really hard time staying positive right now. A lot of job-related hopes have fallen by the wayside, and I'm feeling really discouraged. I'm trying to remember that even though I may currently have a job where I am unhappy and way underpaid, I still have a lot of wonderful things going on in my life. Here's a short list to remind myself of all the little things that make my happy & why I am a really blessed woman.
  • Best husband ever.
  • Fully-furnished/decorated home!
  • Fiero asleep in my sock drawer.
  • Dinner parties with best friends.
  • Being almost done with 30-for-30.
  • Watching & reading Poirot mysteries.
  • Photographs of friends and family flooding our apartment.
  • Homemade cheddar biscuits.
  • Sitting in bed laughing with my husband for hours at night.
  • Watching my cats chase a "magic bug" (laser pointer).
  • Saving what little money we have.
  • Being a college graduate; no homework, ever.
  • Mid-day naps.
  • Cereal and cold milk. 
  • Working up a sweat at the gym.
  • Looking at our wedding photos and remembering how perfect that day was. 

See, life really is great. Time to keep my chin up.

A very happy moment.


stephanie said...

Look how long/awesome that list is! This post and that picture make me happy. Let's have another dinner party soon. Love you!

ElizabethWM said...

I've always admired your optimism, your courage and your strength. I'm going through a similar experience (though under very different circumstances) and I know how difficult it can be. But you're doing all the right things. This too shall pass right?

I love you dearly.