Friday, February 17, 2012


Please, if you live in Nashville, take a moment to research SB 2508, which will essentially make it illegal to be homeless.

I work as a direct care provider for mentally ill adults in the Nashville area, and a great number of my clients have been homeless during their lifetimes. So many of the men and women trying to make it on the streets are mentally ill, which makes it even harder for them to acquire a job, apply for benefits, find housing, etc. More attention needs to be put into serving these individuals and helping them get the mental healthcare they need to be able to function fully in society, rather than criminalizing them and pushing them further away from recovery. The men and women with whom I work are truly good people and have overcome obstacles that most of us have been blessed enough to never face. This bill will not address the problem of homelessness or make it any less present in Nashville; it will only cause more suffering and social immobility for those at the bottom rungs of society.

The house voted on this bill yesterday, and unfortunately it passed. The senate votes on Tuesday.

Please, please take a moment to e-mail Governor Haslam, your senator, all the senators, whatever you can do!

For a list of senators & their contact info, click here.

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