Monday, February 20, 2012

I have the best friends ever.

So Friday night was the Vanderbilt Divinity School's gala... An adult prom, if you will. Last year's 1920's-themed gala was so incredibly fun, and we totally looked the part:

This year's gala was 1950's/1960's-themed, which was a bit harder to dress for. I decided on grandma's handmade plaid skirt from the 60's (pretty legit), with a white button-up blouse & a school-girl cardigan. I looked like a high-schooler from the 60's... Which I guess was appropriate for the evening.

Okay, clothes aside, it was such a fun night. At first I was a little intimidated by all of the people. This year, Nathan knows a lot more people, so he was more social. Which meant I had to fend for myself some...l but I was actually fine with that cause I got to hang out with my friends, who have lovingly accepted me into their friend group despite my not being a Vandy student. :-) Actually, our friends are really awesome. I've had the greatest time over the past several months getting to know them more and spending time together. It's the best. And Gala was a really fun time to spend together. And, they all looked pretty damn fine, seriously.

Sarah & Lauren are the greatest.

Nathan, Marie, Sarah, Lauren, & me!
I'm so grateful for my friends. For the evenings watching documentaries together and sharing our wisdom, opinions, and ideas with one another. For the times when I ramble & rant, and my friends listen fully and encourage me. For the theological discussions that sound really snobby but are actually totally genuine and thoughtful. For the cabin weekend eating, laughing, and steaming in the hot tub. For introducing me to Glee, duh. For hanging out with me and Nathan together. For loving Jet's pizza. And for all just being ourselves together. Thanks, friends. :-)

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Sarah said...

can you email me these pictures? (including the ones of you two!) i love them!!

we're so happy to be friends!!