Saturday, February 4, 2012

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Oh, where to start? I actually don't really have that much to say (that's a first). Nothing terribly exciting is happening at the Dryden household. Althou, there is one thing i'm pretty excited about...

I had a recent interview with Big Brothers Big Sisters because I've applied to be a Big Sister! I have a training in a couple of weeks, after which time they'll let me know if I've been accepted into the program. I've been dreaming of things to do with my little... Going to the park, baking cookies, doing crafts at my apartment, playing with the cats, going hiking, playing at the playground, painting our fingernails, watching movies, volunteering at the animal shelter (aka playing with puppies), lots & lots of conversations, helping her with her homework, and so many other fun things. Oh I really am so excited and eager to get my little! The whole process is very intentional, which I respect. They asked me a series of personal questions in my 2-hour interview, partly to make sure I'm safe & respectable enough to entrust with a child, and partly to find the best possible match. I'm glad there is so much energy and thought put into finding a Big for a Little and vice versa. I actually had the option of having a Little Brother because there simply aren't enough male volunteers. I have no problem with little boys, but part of what excites me about being a mentor is the challenge to empower and encourage a young girl and remind her what strength she has as a female. That's just not told to girls often enough, and the images/messages told to them instead can be seriously detrimental on individual and societal levels.

All that to say, I can't wait to be a Big Sister. It's an incredible organization, please check them out if you have some time to spare to empower a kid.

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Tori said...

good luck! I think you'd make a fabulous big!!