Monday, February 13, 2012


I love being surprised by nature. I love how the natural world sometimes seems to contradict itself, particularly in terms of its beauty. Like being in Mississippi after Katrina and seeing the most beautiful little lonesome flower growing next to a pile of wooden debris from the destruction of an entire town. Or, on a smaller scale, vegetables that are surprising and inspiring when you cut them open to see a vibrancy you never imagined from a normal root vegetable.

Meet the watermelon radish. Looks like a normal root from the outside:

But when you cut into it, you find the most stunning shade of magenta:

The photos don't even do it justice. It's so pretty!

And what about rainbow chard. Have you ever seen chard greens with hot pink or orange stems? They're something else...

I'm glad that nature likes to mix it up sometimes. :-) It's pretty impressive, to say the least.

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