Sunday, February 5, 2012

The lovely Brussels Sprout!

I have discovered that I like brussels sprouts! They're simple yet have a complex range of flavors, and they're kinda cute, right? The only way I've ever cooked them is a simple oven roast, but I decided to get a bit more fancy. I found this recipe on my favorite food blog, Smitten Kitchen.

With this recipe, I browned some brussels sprout halves, then simmered them with shallots in white wine. After fully cooked, I used the remaining liquid to make a Dijon sauce. Ohh goodness, something delicious happened during that process. They were so incredible. I'm craving them right now, as I write this. If you like brussels sprouts, you've got to try this recipe!!

And of course, dinner wouldn't be complete without some gruyere cheese toast. Oh, yum!

I would probably deem this one of my favorite CSA dishes yet. It definitely makes dishes much yummier when you start with some quality, fresh-from-the-ground veggies. Thanks to our farm, Bountiful Blessings, for bringing us such quality produce.

As the Super Bowl commences, I will be in my yoga class and then coming home to watch Downton Abbey (on PBS), which is going to be so much better. :-)

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