Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fiero's Worst Day Ever

Today was a scary day. Fiero had his first visit to the Vet for something other than routine shots. We found a little round lump on his neck, and thought it was worth taking him in for a check up. He was so wonderful, despite being visibly miserable/scared/confused. Other than some initial hissing upon being picked up by the vet, he didn't make a peep. And he didn't once try to wiggle away from the vet or scratch at anyone.

After they got his weight (10 pounds!) and temperature, he sat in his crate while his momma petted him. At first he was curled up in the very back of his crate, but after a few minutes he wriggled up to the front where I could reach to pet his face. He was such a sweetheart, and I was so proud of how wonderfully behaved he was.

Thankfully, the vet said it is likely just a benign cyst, but suggested that we monitor it closely for any changes in size, shape, or texture.

Today reminded me just how much I love my cats & how big of a role they play in my life. It probably sounds dumb to most people, but my cats are truly part of my family. They provide me with therapeutic comfort, and watching them being cute brings me such genuine joy. I have always loved animals, and I find them to be an incredibly powerful and inspiring way to learn more about life and ourselves. I am so very blessed to have two wonderful kitties to keep me company. They truly do brighten my life, and I will never be ashamed to admit that.

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Mommy Mary said...

So glad it was just a benign little cyst. They are both really cute kitties!!