Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lazy Sunday.

It does seem rather unfair that I have now had two colds this season. Isn't one enough?! I guess that's what happens when you work in the environment in which I do. Teachers & social workers.... Virus havens. Grrrr.

At least it hit over the weekend, so I've been able to have a lazy Sunday combatting the sore throat and congestion.

Mmmm, lazy Sundays, my favorite! They always begin with cinnamon rolls and coffee, and they end with Downton Abbey and cuddling with my best friend. What day could be better?

Today, we did have an hour or two of productivity, in which we washed & prepped our CSA veggies and made broth out of the unused stems & leaves.

We make a lot of recipes that use vegetable broth, so why not make it ourselves? And this gives us a way to utilize every bit of the veggies we got!

Making veggie broth is pretty darn easy. Just boil a pot of water with veggies in it (we used carrots, 1/2 an onion, beet stems & greens, turnip stems & greens, a bay leaf, and some salt), covered, for about an hour. Strain it through cheesecloth (or a coffee filter), and voila! Next time, if we make more, we'll freeze some of it to use later.
Our broth turned out this gorgeous rich color because of the beet stems... Isn't it pretty? It'll add a nice color to whatever we use it in.

The rest of our Sunday was, admittedly, very lazy. Some cuddling, tv-watching, napping, reading, etc. All the good stuff. :-)

And the cats enjoy lazy Sundays, too...

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