Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life as a Dryden

We did it!!!Nathan & I got married on June 3, 2011
It was positively the greatest day of my life, and I am SO happy to finally be a Dryden.

We went on a lovely honeymoon in Seaside, Florida for a whole week!
Here are the highlights:

We had our own 1-bedroom cottage on the gulf.

Our view was amazing.

The balcony had an awesome hammock.

The patio downstairs had a HOT TUB! It was awesome.

We enjoyed a lot of time out on the beach together. We *almost* got tan.

Our awesome little set-up.

Yep, we're "the Drydens"

The beach at Seaside was absolutely beautiful.

We got to pamper ourselves and go out to dinner every night.

And of course, we have awesome wedding rings.

And yesterday I legally became "Rebecca Dryden"!!!!

It's been so amazing getting settled in to our life together. We ran a billion chores yesterday to get everything legally settled. I got my new social security card, a new ID, titles/registrations (complete with Davidson Co. license plates!), and we joined our bank account!
We've been busy getting the apartment turned into the home, which has been seriously tiring but rewarding.

I am so happy to be really living life as a married couple.
I love Nathan more than I can even comprehend, and I'm thrilled to share life with him.
We know it's going to be extremely challenging, but we're ready to put in the hard work.

The story is just beginning....


stephanie said...

Ahhh! You look so cute in that bathing suit! Put up all your photos on Facebook, I want to see them alllll! Miss you, best fran.

Bethany said...

yeah girrrl!!! so excited for you! I ran into Andy yesterday and he said your wedding was "so incredibly fun" :)

Ashley Cauthen said...

:) :) :) this is wonderful!! so happy for you.