Friday, June 24, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit #3

I came up with this little number for a night out with my husband! 

Shirt- TJ Maxx, Sweater- Target, Skirt- Uniqlo (in London), Shoes- Kohls

He wore some nice shoes for the occasion, which I accidentally took a picture of:

Yesterday we had the whole day off work together, so we spent the first half doing errands & the second half on a fun date! We ate dinner in the Gulch at Ru San's sushi, followed by wine & a movie (Miss Marple!... we love mysteries). It was a great little date with my husband. =) And I liked my outfit, too! 

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stephanie said...

You're making me jealous of your awesome outfits. Stop it! But don't, really, 'cause you look sexy and perfect.