Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit #5

This one I call, "Mosquito Ambush"

 I felt really good in this outfit. This dress is my favorite color ever, and I felt so creative putting a tank-top over a dress, though I learned it from Kendi & Steph... which means I'm not at all creative but instead a copycat (or maybe a good learner?).

 dress & necklace- F21, shirt- TJMaxx, shoes- Target

And then we realized that we were being seriously ATTACKED BY FRICKIN' MOSQUITOES. It was awful, y'all. Seriously, they were everywhere. Thankfully we managed to snap my photos before we noticed them, but we could hardly stand still to take Steph's pics once we realized we were being attacked by them. It was crazy. And Steph did lots of funny things, like this: 

Thanks, mosquitoes. I thought nothing could get worse than cicadas, but you have proven me seriously wrong...


Lydia Marie said...

That dress really is a gorgeous color! And I'm glad you got at least a few pics in before being attacked.

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CC said...

I have that same mint dress from forever 21 in my 30 items! Isn't it the most gorgeous color ever and soooo soft and comfy. I love how you've styled it with the tank and belt. :)