Friday, March 5, 2010


During spring break, one of my main priorities (aside from sleeping in & wearing pajamas for the majority of the day) is going to be to finish my thesis prospectus!! My working Thesis title is "Bringing Justice to the Justice System: A Liberation Theology Approach to Non-Violent Drug Offenses in the U.S."

Here is my introduction so far-

The purpose of this study is to use Liberation Theology as a lens through which to view systemic social oppression as institutionalized in modern-day prisons, focusing specifically on non-violent drug offenders and the need for rehabilitation and reconciliation. I will be researching and presenting information on the demographic predictors of non-violent drug-related criminal offenders and how these demographics represent and are the consequence of an oppressive social structure. I will then argue, using Gustavo Gutierrez’s model of liberation theology, that a criminal justice system focused on punishment rather than reconciliation and rehabilitation is an example of unjust, institutionalize oppression. I will use liberation theology to discuss how to find true justice in these situations through community and the liberation of the oppressed, both spiritually and physically. My thesis will also contain exegesis of Luke 4:18-19 to demonstrate Jesus’ calling to Christians to join with the poor and oppressed and work together towards liberation.

I'd love any opinions/comments!

Happy Friday!!!

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