Sunday, August 7, 2011


This weekend Nathan & I went to East Tennessee to visit my parents & sister. It was a wonderful time of catching up and cutting up. I love my family so much, and they are such a huge part of the woman I am today. I love learning about my past and embracing it as a part of my present and my future.

This year I have learned how bittersweet a thing death is. In losing Grandpop last year, we lost the strongest fiber of our family. He truly bonded us together and reminded us of how wonderful our family is. Without him here, family gatherings aren't the same and meal-time prayers are much shorter and less poetic. He brought us so much joy, and it is in his death that we realized just how much he brought to our family. My Grandmother is now at an assisted living facility in the town where my parents live, and I'm certain she misses her life with my grandfather. Despite the sadness brought about by my Grandpop's death, it has given me a new understanding and appreciation for my family. I am closer now with my Grandma than I was before and have grown to recognize how important the bond of family is. I will forever thank my Grandpop for teaching me those lessons in his life and in his death.

Since he passed away, we have SO many old boxes of photographs and trinkets, sewing machines and typewriters, old sermons and love letters. I love looking through them. Today my Momma and I found some amazing old photos of my family and I so cherish them! It was so exciting to find them! I wanted to share them with you all:

Lease1 2
My Grandma's Father. Died when my mom was an infant.

Sessoms 5
My great-grandma DeDe (Grandma's Mom). She died when I was 4 or 5.

Sessoms 3
Grandma as a young lady. Absolutely stunning.

Sessoms 12
Grandma as a gorgeous young woman.

Sessoms 15
Grandma on their wedding day.

Grandma & Grandpop, together with their parents, on their wedding day.

Sessoms 6
Grandpop, holding Uncle Mark, with Grandma, Uncle Dave, & Mom. Moving into a new house.

Sessoms 10
Grandma & Grandpop, presumably in the late 60's/early 70's.

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amy said...

i have felt the same way this year, understanding how much my grandpa brought to the family after losing him, while simultaneously becoming so much closer with my grammy because of it. love you so much.