Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nathan's New Toy

Anyone who knows my Nathan knows how adorable nerdy he is and how much he loves space. I remember him wearing his jean jacket covered in NASA patches the first time we kissed. And I remember thinking how awesome that jacket was (babe, why don't you wear that often anymore?). I remember the giant moon poster hanging next to his bed in his old apartment. And, of course, I remember all of the computer backgrounds of space photos rather than photos of his girlfriend/fiancé/wife. So he must really love space, right?

Well, for his birthday this year, a much-deserving birthday boy got a big ol' telescope through which to look at all sorts of cool stuff out there in space. And tonight he took it out in the lawn to gaze at the sky. He showed me the craters of the moon & the rings of Jupiter. It was really neat. And he looked super legit doing it: