Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big Love.

I've been a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee for over a month now, and I am loving it so much. My little, J (not going to use her full name) is the most darling little 8-year old, and I feel so lucky to get to play and hang with her every week. She's very friendly & talkative, but she seems to have a bit of a guard up, as if she's afraid of not being liked for who she really is. I'm hoping that with time that guard will fall so that we can become even closer friends.

J and I have already had lots of fun adventures: going for ice cream, outrunning a storm in the park, reading together at the library, coloring pretty pictures, Sonic drive-in snacks. Most recently we went to see the Nashville Children's Theatre's production of "Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type". It was a cute play, and J seemed to enjoy it. Then this weekend we went to the SPROUT garden party for The Nashville Food Project. J seemed very interested in the plants & she loved getting to eat black raspberries right off the bush. She had her face painted like a mermaid, and we decorated bricks together. She chased a big hen around the yard trying to feed it grass, and she marveled at the couple speaking sign language to one another. She isn't afraid to ask questions and learn more, and she has adorable theories: for instance, all farmers have gaps between their teeth (it's a prerequisite, I believe).

I am loving my role as a Big Sister and look forward to becoming even closer and more open with my Little. This week, she's coming over to my house to make dinner... and probably do a little finger-nail painting. :-)

I wish I could post an actual picture of her.

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