Wednesday, May 23, 2012


After 3 years of an fruitless and somewhat discouraging search for a church, Nathan & I have finally found one that we are eager to make our home. For a while now, we've been trending toward the Episcopal Church; I just knew I couldn't be a part of a demonination or church that excludes people based on gender or sexual orientation. I will never feel a full part of the body if I am in a congregation that doesn't value my sex as leadership material, or that bars my gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered friends from joining in worship. These are priorities for me. And St. Ann's, like many Episcopal congregations, is dedicated to inclusion and social justice.

We visited St. Ann's one time before (where I met Sarah & Lauren, actually!), but we didn't really go back for a while. A couple of Sundays ago, though, we visited again & I had a sense of hope & joy that I haven't felt in church in a really long time. It was exciting. Our friends Allie & Will are actively involved in the church community, and they've been very welcoming. We met the parish Rector & are going to grab coffee with him sometime soon to talk about our interest in the Episcopal Church & confirmation.

I'm really excited to have found a church home; a place where I feel welcome and included; a church I look forward to attending; a church with a diverse congregation where all are welcome. I'm excited to get more involved & learn more about St. Ann's.

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