Sunday, May 20, 2012

Favorite New Toy.

So, remember my last post about how awesome my mom is? Well just one more reason... She got me the PERFECT birthday present. She sent it as a gift thru Amazon, so one would assume that they would put it in a separate box, rather than the box plainly stating what it contains. But, no. I came home to see a big ol' Singer box containing my dream sewing machine. And, given that I already knew what was in it, I figured there wasn't really any reason to wait until my birthday to open it... right?

Well, I did. And I'm in love. First I made a cute little simple curtain for the awkward window in the downstairs bathroom. Then, I got resourceful and grabbed the two pillows & shower curtain out of the giveaway box.... And, now we have two beautifully recovered pillows! And they match our living room decor. :-)

Ugly pillow before:

Shower curtain with nowhere to be used:

A little cutting, a little sewing, and a couple of new-looking pillows!

I used a simple envelope-style enclosure, so we can easily take the covers off & wash them.

I'm so pleased with how they turned out! And they were SO fun to make. :-) I made something else that I'm going to share with you later, when I make a few more.

I'm also back in the swing of knitting again. I'm working on a beautiful bolero lace top, and have another pretty summer sweater next up on my list. And, I'm currently teaching Nathan how to knit, too. He's catching on really quickly!

I'm so happy to be busy with crafting projects. It's always been something I've enjoyed, and I'm so grateful to finally have the time & resources to do more of it! I'll be sure to share upcoming projects with you. And I have some other recent cooking adventures to share, too... Now that we have our kitchen all set up!

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Mommy Mary said...

The pillows are great. What a smart and resourceful daughter I have!