Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A trick...

Ever find your veggies limp & less life-like? Well, I've got a wonderful trick for you!

We had some radishes that started looking a bit sad, and in order to bring them back to life, I used this little trick...... drumroll please....

Just put your limp veggies in ice water & let them soak until they come back to life! 

SO simple, yet so magical. You wouldn't believe the transformation.

I used this trick again last night with our green onions:

Here they are soaking, looking limp & sad.
I let them soak overnight, and now look at them:

Brought back to life! They're straight & firm again. 
This trick can't save vegetables that are molding, but for ones that have lost moisture & gone limp, it's definitely a life-saver.

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