Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More food!

Nathan & I are still tackling our first CSA bundle of veggies. I'm happy to report that I ate all the raspberries myself & they were the most perfect dessert to any meal. I hope we get more, though I doubt there will be any more yummy fruits this season.

The other night we made a delicious dinner of pasta w/veggie-stuffed sauce & some zucchini cakes. It was fabulous. Zucchini wasn't in our CSA, but it has become a new favorite of ours. The pasta was a great way to throw together some random veggie bits we had laying around in the kitchen. Photos:

Grating the Zucchini. 

Mixing up the ingredients to form into patties.

Cooking the Zucchini cakes! 

Ohhhh yeah. A dollop of sour cream to top it off. 

Oh my gosh, yummy meal. 

Recipe here. 

We also had the challenge of finding a good way to make a quick meal out of a single delicata squash. I've never had the delicata type of squash, and I wasn't sure to make with only one of them. But we found the perfect answer: stuff them & pop them in the oven.

The squash, with a little bit of olive oil & spices, after roasting in the oven.

The finished product! Perfect serving size.

Basically, I roasted the squash halves with some olive oil, salt, pepper, & spices. Then I sauteed some greens with garlic & oil, added some white beans & bread crumbs, and stuffed it all in the squash for another round in the oven. This is definitely a great idea when you've got a squash that deserves to be the star of the show, but only 1 squash to work with. I'm sure we'll try this again, and hopefully I can get more creative with fillings. :-)

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Mommy Mary said...

I can't tell you how impressed I am with your culinary skills (which you certainly did not get from me!) Go Becca!!