Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ready for Winter

Today was a great day. I had half of the day off work to come home & relax, which was really what I needed after such a stressful week of work. Then Nathan came home from class & we were super productive!! We took the recycling bins (which were getting way too full) to the recycling center & then went to Home Depot to buy supplies to winterize our apartment. Our apartment complex is really old, so the windows are extremely drafty. We even have a huge sliding glass door in the dining area (I have no idea.... we've never opened it), and you can feel cold air flowing in the house from that door. We shrink-wrapped the windows & glass door to try to keep our energy bill down & our home warmer this winter. It was a really obnoxious process, but we got it done. Hopefully it will end up being worth the fuss.

After being so productive, we enjoyed a simple dinner of soup and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We're on a Harry Potter kick right now, and we're not ashamed at all. For dessert, we enjoyed some home-made cinnamon pull-apart bread! It was so delicious. I would like for every evening to be like tonight was- cuddling with my husband, watching Harry Potter, & eating cinnamon pull-apart bread. Let's make that happen.

That's some good-lookin' dough.

Rolled out & ready to be covered in butter & cinnamon-sugar.

The bread, before rising.

And after rising... almost doubled in size!

The finished product. It was absolutely incredible. 
Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread recipe here.

Things are going well over here at the Dryden household. We're excited about the holidays & more than ready to spend some time with our families. We're also really pumped to start some of our own holiday traditions.

Despite how this blog may make things seem, we're doing a lot more than just eating. Life is busy & oh so wonderful. But, we really do eat a lot.

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