Thursday, November 3, 2011

CSA Time!

Along with being our 5-month anniversary (every month is an anniversary until you reach 1 year, right?), today was our first pick-up for our CSA!!!

Look at all of these amazing veggies:

Our bounty this week.
Fiero even wants those Collard Greens.
Oh my gosh, raspberries.
Greens, greens, & more greens. Yum!

And with our first pick-up of veggies, comes our first week of cooking amazing meals with our veggies. First up, STEW!!!! Now, honestly, we did use a lot of other ingredients, so it wasn't solely CSA veggies. But we did manage to use a lot of our collards & green onions. And it was seriously an AMAZING meal. It was fabulous. Hearty, healthy, tasty, delicious. I want to eat it every week for the rest of my life. No joke. Well, at least in winter. And today was cold.... definitely stew weather. :-) The stew:

Veggies! Getting a good, tasty sautee.
chopping veggies. And making dressing.
Once we added the wine, then broth & beans. Seriously, it was amazing.
I made a salad with our lettuce & chinese cabbage. I made a tasty vinaigrette.... mmmm.
The stew. Carrots, celery, green onions, collard greens, veggie broth, garlic, white wine. DELICIOUS.
The white wine we used.... the guy at Green Hills Wine Shoppe recommended it!
If you're interested in trying this one out,the recipe is from Smitten Kitchen (which I highly recommend!!!).

Today has been basically a perfect 5-month anniversary. 

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Mommy Mary said...

Beautiful dinner Becca! Can't wait to cook with you at Thanksgiving!!