Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my oh my!

Things have been seriously busy lately, thus the lack of posts.

Ever since getting home from my holiday trip, I've been working nonstop (which is a good thing, because I really needed to pay rent!) and trying to get life back in order.

My holidays were positively wonderful, but I'm ready to get back in gear. My LAST semester of college is coming up, and I'm really excited (and stressed).

I have very high hopes for 2011.

During 2011 I will:
  • write a thesis
  • graduate college
  • marry my best friend
  • live with a boy!
  • change my last name to Dryden
  • attempt to get a "real" job
  • be off all of my family's insurance plans
  • apply for graduate schools/ decide where to live next
  • and did I mention- be a WIFE!??!
I'm pretty pumped. This will undoubtedly be the most monumental year of my life so far.

Bring it on.

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