Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Trip to the Bakery

Today Nathan & I had a cake consultation at Dulce Desserts in Edgehill Village. It went absolutely perfectly. The owner, Juanita Lane (who happens to be the ONLY person I've ever met to have the same middle name as me), was so extremely helpful and honest, and she was able to quote us a really great price. They make all of their cakes from scratch, which means no lard, no crisco, no weird fake preservatives. Yay! And they use excellent ingredients in their frostings and fillings. =)

We got to taste just the plain butter cake with a few different flavors of frosting. We decided that our absolute favorites were the Almond-Amaretto Buttercream and the Lemon Curd filling. YUM.

We talked for a long time about our aesthetic ideas and what flavors and designs we wanted. I'm totally convinced that our cake is going to be both beautiful and deliciously tasty!!!

Once we send in a contract & deposit (which we need to do soon so she doesn't get booked for June 3rd!), we'll get to schedule our "Cake-a-palooza,"as she so lovingly put it, when we get to come in for tastings of freshly baked cake & frosting flavor combinations! We are seriously so excited. And mom already said that she wants to come to Nashville for the cake tasting, haha! I definitely don't blame her.

Things are coming along! Now if only I could get this dang thesis written so I can graduate in May....

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SD said...

I definitely think you need a bridesmaid there as well. I volunteer. It will be difficult, but I take on the burden willingly.

:) LOVE YOU!!!!