Monday, October 4, 2010

Date Night with Nathan & The National

Last night, Nathan and I had a very fun date at the Ryman to see The National live in concert! They're Nathan's favorite band, so I was really excited to share that experience with him. It was truly a breathtaking show. Unfortunately, the entire audience decided that they should ignore the pews and just stand the whole time.... seemed a bit dumb to me. But, despite the mass of somewhat irritating kids around us, it was a really wonderful show. The National put on a stellar performance. Every song was just about perfect. I'm so glad I've seen them live because I can appreciate their music more now. I've always enjoyed listening to their songs, but seeing them in concert made their music really come alive to me. It was phenomenal.

The highlights of the night:
Being with Nathan (duh)
When their lead-singer jumped off the stage and started climbing through the audience during a song.
Their last, entirely acoustic song.

What a wonderful evening. =)

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