Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Longing for London...

Today I'm feeling blue. I'm stressed, tired, and altogether bummed out by life right now.
So, I'm taking a moment to remember one of the greatest months of my life. Last summer I went to London and got to spend 5 weeks there with my past roommate Amy & my current roommate Caroline. They are two of my favorite ladies in the world, and two of my bridesmaids!

I absolutely fell in love with British culture, and I want to spend at least a year of my life living in this British countryside. If we had the money, it'd be the perfect honeymoon location.

Here are a few of the highlights. I wish I was there right now...

Pittenweem, Scotland

St Andrews Cathedral ruins
St Andrews, Scotland

having a cosmo at the pub in Hampstead

mint chocolate ice cream at the market

We found this in the bushes, no lie.
Absurd, and vile... but hilarious.

Winchester Cathedral, where Jane Austen is buried

Jane Austen's home in Chawton, England

outside the British Museum

a piece of the Berlin Wall,
Imperial War Museum in London

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amy said...

so blogspot rarely works on my computer anymore, so i just saw this, but i need the UK back in my life asap.