Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Mother's Strength

This year has been a really hard year for my mother, who is perhaps the strongest, bravest woman I've met.

Today I spoke to my momma, and found out some really bad news. My grandmother, 2 months after the death of her husband, is in the hospital. She had a breakdown this weekend and became very upset and aggressive. Over the past 2 months, her mental health has rapidly regressed.

Now, while still getting over the death of her father, my mom has to figure out how to care for her mother with Alzheimer. My heart is broken for my mom, and I just want to be at home with her and to somehow express just how much I love her.

Please, keep my family in your thoughts/prayers. My mom has been so strong, but I hate seeing her bearing such a heavy load. And of course, she always seems more concerned about how everyone else is doing than how she is coping. She is the definition of selflessness.

Me & mom being silly (2 or 3 years ago)

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