Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Countdown: Savannah

Days until Savannah: 4

AHHH! I'm so excited!

I can't even believe it's so close. I will admit, I'm really going to miss the kittens. I've seriously grown really attached to them. They keep me company when I'm lonely, they play with me when I need cheering up. I think they've actually gotten almost as attached to me as I have to them. They come cuddle with me in the night and seem to love my company. =) Today, Fiero & I got in a little bit of a fight. He managed to get poop all over himself, so I had to wash him. He was VERY angry about the bath & proceeded to claw my hands to shreds. Once I got the place cleaned up, I had to give him some kitty medicines to harden up his stools. He wasn't happy about that. But, we made up & forgave each other. He loves me, I love him. All's well.

In other news, Tomorrow is a BIG day. I've been working with a local racial profiling committee, and we're hosting a racial profiling hearing with Rights Working Group. I think it's going to be a really powerful event, and I'm excited to have had such a big role in it.
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Reginasaurus said...

You better call me IMMEDIATELY if there is any *news* in Savannah. None of this text message/find out through the internet stuff. You know what I mean? LOVE YOU!

SD said...

ditto with Stephanie said to the thousandth degree.