Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Happy Me Day

Tomorrow I get to have a Me day!!

I'm going to the doctor in the morning, which may not sound like a fun thing for most people, but I'm actually really looking forward to getting one step closer to figuring out my digestive issues. I was pretty sick the entire time I was in Ohio. It was no fun.

Afterwards, I get to redeem my birthday gift from my wonderful Nathan!----- a massage & pedicure! I've never had either, so I'm super excited about it. My feet have taken a serious beating from dance & from working at a restaurant. I can't wait to get some pampering. And a one-hour massage sounds absolutely heavenly. I'm so excited. =)

I don't have to work or go into my internship tomorrow, so I'm going to take the day for ME. Hopefully I can spend a good chunk of time cuddling with my kittens & reading Everything Is Illuminated, which I started last night.

I'm so excited about my Me day!

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Reginasaurus said...

Everything is Illuminated is one of my favorite books! I love it so much. And I'm glad you finally get your massage! Love you!