Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Haircut & Vet

Well, this week has already been full of excitement.

First of all, I cut my hair super short!

I've never had my hair anywhere near this short, so it's a bit scary. But I already love how easy & comfortable it is. So far, I've been compared to a 20's flapper girl and Shirley Temple. Both seem to be pretty fair comparisons. haha.

Second of all, the kittens had a visit to the vet today. Corduroy had her last shot! Fiero still has a couple to go, but it's a relief to finally be done with one of the kittens.

Big news for them, though- 3 weeks from tomorrow, on July 5th, they will be losing their abilities to procreate (thank god). I will be honest, although I'm really not looking forward to dropping about $200 all at once (the day before rent is due, no less), it will be a relief to know that there will not be any more kittens running around my apartment. The last thing I need is a brand new litter of kittens. We all know that I would just wind up keeping them all because I'm obsessed with cats.

So, it's been an exciting few days. Might I add that it seems a bit pathetic to me that this is what I consider "an exciting few days".... a haircut & a visit to the vet. wow.

In other news, my internship is going wonderfully. I've been working on grants for the organization, and I just got us signed up with Center for Nonprofit Management. I'll be taking grant-writing classes and using their resources to try and find the best funding grants for our organization. I'm having a lot of fun and learning so much more than I could've imagined.

Also, I'm completely and utterly in love with Nathan Dryden. Seems worth mentioning.

Last bit of news- STEPHANIE COMES TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! I finally get to hang out with her again, and Amy too. I couldn't be more excited. goodness.

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