Thursday, February 4, 2010

Refreshing Semester

This semester has been surprisingly refreshing. Some exciting new things have happened:

- I am taking wonderful classes that interest me (Criminal Justice, Social Research Methods, Poverty & Justice, to name a few)
- I have a job!! I'm a barista at Borders, and already loving it.
- I only have class 3 days a week. YES.
- I am dancing in some of the most incredible pieces of choreography I've ever been cast in. And I'm getting to spend a lot more time with my Dance Company friends.
- I am falling more & more in love with my boyfriend every day.
- My 3 best friends are teaching me how to be a better friend & roommate.
- I'm getting in shape.
- We had a snow day. =)
- Several of my friends are engaged!

I'm excited about the direction in which life is heading. I feel more confident and more satisfied with myself and the woman I am growing into.

The future excites me also. Thinking about finishing my thesis, graduating, getting married, and going to graduate school seem so distant, but I know that they are all approaching very quickly. And I am certainly looking forward to each of those things exceedingly much.

I feel very blessed every day of my life. The cynicism and fear that has overwhelmed me for the past year is slowly fading into hope and restoration. I am learning to have a little more confidence in a God that is somewhere out there. I am learning that some of the best, kindest, wisest people are silent in the walls of prison with so much life & joy to share with the world. I am learning that goodness exists in places where most assume only evil and pain reside. I am learning to find happiness and joy in conversations and arguments. I am learning that some of life's most precious moments are the times when I cuddle with Nathan and giggle at his silliness. I am learning to laugh fully and joyfully. And I am learning, above all else, how to love myself & love others to the best of my ability.

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