Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Each Day is Valentine's Day

Last night, Nathan & I celebrated Valentine's Day. We both had to work on Sunday, so we postponed our own festivities one night.... plus we avoided the crowds! But, I did manage to get a surprise bouquet of roses on Sunday night while I was at work. =)

For our Valentine's Day, we went to eat at Maggiano's Little Italy. It was DELICIOUS. We split the appetizer platter (oh my gosh) and then split 4-cheese ravioli with pesto alfredo sause (oh my gosh x2). It was so filling and delicious. We had a nice, quiet dinner just the two of us. Then we headed back to Nathan's new house to a not-so-quiet puppy!

We ended up "puppy-sitting" Upton for half an hour or so, and he wore us out! Upton has quite a bit of energy, and his teeth are razor sharp. He discovered a fun new game- pouncing on my head & eating my hair. Nathan graciously gave Upton a dirty sock to play with, but that only kept him momentarily occupied. We eventually tired of trying to keep Upton from chewing on everything in the room, so we gave him back to Uncle Alex to watch until his Papa Sean came back to get him.

Once Upton was out of our hair (literally), we got to have some time by ourselves, which is always nice. Not only did I get a wonderful, wonderful evening with my darling Nathan, I also got a pretty new ring!!! =)

What a fun Valentine's Day. One of many more to come!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is super cute, and so are you and your love!