Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sewanee Day Trip

Yesterday we took a day trip out to the University of the South to check out the campus, specifically the School of Theology, and do some hiking in the beautiful mountains of southern Tennessee. I had no idea what to expect from Sewanee, and I was utterly blown away. It is definitely the most beautiful place I've been to in Tennessee, and it even rivaled some of the historic places I visited in the UK. Their campus is breathtaking, and the surrounding geography is nothing short of inspiring. They have miles & miles of excellent hiking trails throughout the "domain" of the university. We walked around to see the buildings, went on a long hike, and sat enjoying the scenery.

Cohen was a champ. He is a really great hiker! He jumped over rocks & bounded down the trail without stop. But on our 2-ish mile walk back to the car, he about couldn't make it.... Nathan carried him for a bit to give him a rest.

After walking several miles through the campus & on the trails, we were ravished. We found an incredible little "fine foods" organic restaurant/cafe, where we ate the best spinach & artichoke paninis, drank mango aqua fresca, sat outside enjoying the sun, and even gave Cohen a little plate of chicken. It was the perfect end to the perfect day.

So excited about the Admissions building!

Going inside the Chapel of the Apostles.

Inside the Chapel of the Apostles.

The School of Theology

Breathtaking view.

War memorial monument.

Another breathtaking view.

The Chapel.

The baptismal fount.

And Cohen was clearly worn out.

He slept the whole way home. 

We are going to be visiting again very soon. It's a little over an hour drive to get there, so it makes for a perfect day trip. And hopefully Nathan will be attending their School of Theology sometime soon. :-)


amy said...

when i was younger, i always dreamed of having a wedding in the chapel of the apostles. such a gorgeous space, on such a gorgeous campus.

Mountain Calling said...

You sure took some beautiful pictures. We'd love to have you come check out the seminary next time you're in the area. And be sure to bring Cohen. Dogs are dearly beloved here!