Monday, July 9, 2012

Puppies have teeth.

A list of things Cohen has chewed up/on:
  • My eye glasses
  • Nathan's eye glasses
  • The case to my new eye glasses
  • Our porch swing
  • Clothes-drying rack
  • A remote
  • A hat
  • Blinds
  • 10+ bones
  • A tupperware container
  • A couple books
  • A bookmark
  • One of my favorite sandals
  • A cat toy or two
  • The insoles of Nathan's gardening shoes
  • One of Nathan's house slippers
  • and, surely, many more things to come... 

Somehow, despite all of the destruction, we absolutely love him to pieces. I love the way he reaches his arms up to hug me when I get home, as if he has never been so excited in his life. I love the way he chases after his ball & does a cute little leap right before he reaches it. I love the way he jumps up on our bed, as though he knows he's totally welcome and wanted there with us. I love his curly tail and his big floppy ears. I love his long snout & his cute white belly. I just love him. Having a dog is a big commitment, but it's a really rewarding one (well, not financially... financially it freakin' sucks).

Chewin' real good.

Looking for something to chew.

Gettin' his chew on.

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