Monday, July 23, 2012

Puppy Photo Shoot

Cutie-pie & his pop.
Fiero was moping because he, for once, wasn't getting all the attention.
"hey mom!"
And then I grabbed his bone and held it by the camera...
"ohhhhh mom, I want that bone"
"BONE! YUM! I'm sitting mom, doesn't that mean I get the bone?!?!?!"
After being teased too long "mommmmm. this is mean. I give up." 
So, isn't he the cutest dog? And as much as we complain, he's actually REALLY well-behaved & well-adjusted for being a stray & a puppy. I just love him to bits. And we repeatedly get stopped by neighbors commenting on how adorable he is whenever we take him for walk in the neighborhood. 

Cohen is my current joy. 


Mommy Mary said...

Wow, he has a long tongue!! :-)

stephanie said...

Cute :)