Friday, June 8, 2012


So, my birthday was last Friday. It was a weird birthday because we were out of town & I didn't really get to celebrate. But that was okay, because I got to spend the whole week with my husband & lots of quality time with my in-laws, who I love dearly. But, still, I kinda thought that everyone forgot my birthday.

And then, Monday after work, I came home to balloons, cupcakes, and lots of my dearest friends shouting "happy birthday!" at me as I walked in the door. I was so happy to be surrounded by my dearest friends, and felt so incredibly blessed by how wonderful they all are.

So, to all of my incredibly thoughtful, kind, caring, and adorable friends: Thank you for making me feel so special. I love you all so much.

And a special thanks to my dear Stephanie for throwing everything together and making the best Sangria ever. :-) What an incredible friend.

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stephanie said...

Glad you had fun. Love you!