Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello Life.

(Caution: something resembling complaining exists within this paragraph... consider yourselves warned!) I have been very stressed by work lately, guys. Like, so stressed that my boss noticed me pulling clumps of hair out & demanded that we have a talk about my stress levels. I love my job, so so so so much, and I feel grateful every single day to have the experiences that I do. But I am also constantly worn out, emotionally drained, and a bit pessimistic at the state of the world. Telling a post-suicidal woman who has lived her life being forced to have sex for a place to stay at night that you're proud of her, to hear her say that no one has ever told her that.... well, that's just kind of the most awesome and most devastating experience, all at once. So lately, I've been trying really hard to figure out how to be happy & healthy while also being a solid foundation for my clients who have very few other people to rely on. Phew.

So, I'm still trying to figure life out (have you noticed that this seems to be a pattern....)
In order to balance things out, I'm trying really hard to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. For example:
  • Having the most cuddly, affectionate, and clever dog ever.
  • Basil season.... pesto & bruschetta every day, every meal. YES.
  • East Nashville Farmer's Market every Wednesday. 
  • Kenny's Norwood Gruyere cheese.
  • St Ann's Episcopal Church (we met with the Rector last night, and it was wonderful).
  • Friends visiting from out of town (in-laws and Nate & Lindsey last weekend, Amy this weekend!)
  • A pool date with some adorable 8-year-olds.
  • A new hair cut! 
  • Oh, and have I mentioned this dog:
oh Cohen, you are the greatest.


Mommy Mary said...

Sorry you are stressed out. Part of that is due to your compassion for others, which is a very wonderful thing. It is important to spend times away from work enjoying things you love, like the things you listed. So you are doing the right things to take care of yourself. I have also found that exercise is very helpful. You have to remember too that this world is indeed a fallen world, but God uses people like you to bring hope and love to those who have been beaten up by the world. Remember that He is using you in a remarkable way, and you are doing what He designed you to do. But it is not all up to do what you are called to do and pray that God will provide others to help when you cannot and perhaps should not.

CaylaWilson said...

girlfriend, we've all either been there, are there, or are quickly headed there. you know you have support if and when you need it! don't keep these things to yourself, that's part of the trap. take care of yourself by processing with your peers and letting it all out!! seriously here if you need it,