Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Summery-est Summer Weekend

This weekend was magical in so many ways. I wish I had awesome photos to show you, but unfortunately my camera battery charger is still MIA. So, just use your imagination. :-)

Summer made itself known to me this weekend in the form of grilling out, spending all day in the sun, 100-degree weather, and a very nice sunburn. I wish every weekend could be like this past weekend was.

Here's a quick recap:

Friday night we had a marvelous cook-out for my dear friend Amy Dunning's visit to Nashville from her new home in Denver. The night was one of grilling burgers, drinking beer, playing cornhole, sharing stories, and lots of laughter. Cohen met a girl-pup that he refused to stop humping the entire evening; I was embarrassed. Amy made blackberry cobbler. We hung out in the backyard while the pups played and the burgers grilled. Oh, it was so wonderful.

Then Saturday morning I had a girls' brunch with Amy, SD, Steph, and Camille. We ate the most incredible food: yogurt & peach parfaits, basil garlic french toast with avocado butter, swiss chard and basil quiche, avocado & tomato salad, and mimosas. YUM. It was delicious and wonderful in so many ways. After stuffing our faces, we sat on the front porch talking and enjoying the sunshine. Perfect.

Saturday afternoon Cohen had another puppy play date. Our friend Marie & her boyfriend brought Bella, and our friend Heather brought over Nova. Cohen was surrounded by lady pups, and he continued to hump. Again, I was embarrassed. As the pups played, the humans sat in the sun talking for almost two hours, and it was extremely refreshing. We just lounged around enjoying our Summer Saturday.

After the pups left with their humans, Nathan & I went to the movie theater to see Brave. OH MY GOD. Best movie. See post below to read why it's so awesome.

Of course, after we got home we decided to utilize our new grill again. We made veggie burgers and sat in the backyard while Cohen frolicked around. We sat there enjoying each other's company as the sun went down, then went inside for Nathan to play piano while I sat knitting.

And then Sunday, to finish out the amazing weekend, we went to Church at St Ann's and an adult forum on the resolutions being presented at this year's General Convention. We came home, played with Cohen, and then I met some friends at the pool and soaked in the sun for a couple hours. Afterward, Nathan & I rented a tiller and finally worked on planting the rest of our garden. Also, I bought some bloody mary mix and made the most delicious dirty bloody mary. YUM. It was yet another perfect day.

I love the summer. I want every weekend to be like this weekend was, and I know Cohen definitely does.

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