Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meet Cohen!

We have huge news... We have a new addition to the family! No, not a baby... We've still got several years to go before that happens. To satisfy our parental urges, we adopted the most precious pup in the world.

Meet Cohen, our wonderful new 9-month old terrier mix pup.

We loved him from the start. When we took him on a walk at the humane association, to check him out, he burst out the door ready to play. He insisted on running circles around me playing tug-o-war with his leash. And after his initial outburst of energy, he proved himself to be very well-behaved for an adolescent. We played catch for a while, at which he is already a pro, then took him on a walk and were impressed when he didn't lunge for or bark at the dogs we passed along the walk.

After 15 minutes playing, we realized we were, in fact, in love with this little pup. He was required to do a meet-and-greet with all members of the family before going home, but since we knew that bringing Cord & Fi-Fi to the shelter would be traumatic for everyone, they just tested Cohen out with another cat from NHA. He did surprisingly well! He wanted to play, but he backed off quickly when he realized that the cat really did not. The NHA trainer told us that he was well-behaved with cats, and she didn't see a reason why we shouldn't bring him home.

The rest is history! We filled out the forms, paid a teensy fee ($45??? that's all??) and took him home with us! He got plenty of time playing, a doggy play date with Bella and Huck, a refreshing bath, more time playing, a yummy bone to chew on, even more playing, a walk in the neighborhood, and now a much-needed nap.

The cats are not too pleased with the new arrangement, but they're starting to settle down. They've been exposed to dogs before, so this isn't the first time... But that doesn't mean they like it! They keep sneaking up to Cohen and then getting angry when he reciprocates their forward movement. Silly cats. They'll all figure each other out sooner or later. The good thing is that Cohen is not at all aggressive toward them; he backs off as soon as they hiss or growl at him.

And I mean, how could they not fall in love with such a cute pooch?:

And now, his profile on the NHA website looks like this (his shelter name was Shelby):

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