Friday, October 14, 2011

Women, War, & Peace.

Please, please watch this video, and take part in watching PBS's five-part series on Women, War & Peace.

I watched the first installment of the series this week, and my heart was broken, saddened, filled with hope, and empowered all within 50 minutes. The world needs to know the stories of these women. The world needs to know the serious atrocities of rape throughout the world. The world needs to know how incredibly strong & inspiring the women of the world are. And Americans, particularly, need to see the struggles of other nations & other cultures and to be educated about such. I cannot believe that I grew up knowing literally nothing about the Bosnian war and the dehumanization of Muslim women and girls through sex-camps while their husbands starved and were murdered in concentration camps, in the name of ethnic cleansing. How does this happen in the world in which I live? I can't comprehend, and I am seriously angered that I never learned about this conflict in my public school education. I genuinely hope and pray that the Bosnian war was not overlooked because it involved Muslims. I know our nation and culture is not particularly welcoming toward Muslim individuals, but I sincerely hope we would not stoop to the low of ignoring this conflict just because of our own religious leanings as a nation. Sheesh.

Anyway. Please tell everyone you know about this series. It makes me damn proud to be a woman, and gives me hope in a better world, led by women. THIS is why I call myself a feminist; not because I hate men or don't want to shave my legs (though at times I really don't want to shave my legs...).

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