Monday, October 10, 2011

Local Radio!

Today I volunteered at Nashville Public Radio's fall giving campaign! It was super awesome being inside the WPLN studio, and everyone there was SO NICE. I actually had a lot of fun doing it. And, though I always change the station once they start talking about pledging, I really understand the importance of campaigning for community support, rather than being privately owned or selling advertisement time. I can put up with one week of campaigning to never have commercials. =)

And, regarding the WRVU "scandal," I understand both sides of the story, but it hasn't changed my opinion of WPLN one bit. WRVU was going to sell regardless, which is something often left out of the story. They were going to sell to someone, and I'd much rather it be a locally owned & operated radio station than anything else. I hate the WRVU shut down, and I do think it is a genuine loss for the Nashville community, but I'm glad that of anyone who could've taken it over, it was WPLN. I talked to one of the WPLN staff about it, and they were very humble and honest about the whole situation. They didn't try to convince me to think one thing or another, and they seemed genuinely bummed that WRVU had to shut down. And, to be completely honest, in terms of actual radio content, give me a 24/7 classical station over WRVU's stuff... sorry, but really. (Just so we're clear, I wish WRVU could have actually stayed on the air... though I love WPLN/NPR, it's not the same as local programming and locally-run radio shows. I get that, and that is why I, too, am sad about the loss of WRVU. But I'm glad that WPLN took it over instead of the many other things that could've happened to it.)

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