Monday, October 17, 2011


Tonight was a good night. I've had a kind of emotionally draining weekend (and "kind of" for most people means "incredibly, overwhelmingly" for me). I don't deal with emotional stress well. It's a struggle I'm working through. But it takes time. Whatever.

 Anyways, the point was that I had a great night because I got to talk on the phone with one of my best friends, Amy. We grew up together in Knoxville, though were weren't close friends then. We became friends in college & I've considered her one of my best friends since. She recently moved to Denver, and though I'm selfishly wishing she had just stayed in Nashville, I am SO proud of her. She is a wonderful woman & has always been there for me through thick & thin. I love love love Amy, and the past week or so I've been really reminiscing on our 5-week stay in London together. I miss it so much. I wish I could relive that experience. Especially the much older Italian chaperon that was totally into her. And our obsession with that one karaoke bar. And being super friendly with some local college students in order to sweet-talk the wi-fi password from them. And when we literally jumped-for-joy in a little B&B in St Andrews, Scotland. We literally jumped, not metaphorically. And that time we randomly saw a fashion show at a free museum. And our kitchen-StrongBow-homework parties. And our obsession with that article in a British magazine about vaginas, because we all know that American magazines really just can't show plaster-cast images of random women's vaginas.  Oh, and especially this:

She found it in the bushes at the college. NOT KIDDING.

There was also this gem of a night:

They matched. Mostly in the fact that they were both being ridiculous.

And this photo, from one of the best weekends of my life:

At the B&B, where we met one of the most wise, wonderful Scottish women of all time. And also, we jumped out of joy.

And Amy, if you're reading this, get back to Nashville. Enough of your goofing off in Denver ("graduate school"... likely story). We miss you too much here. Actually, forget Nashville, let's just go back to London. Deal? Love you.

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amy said...

cue me crying and missing you (and nashville and london) SO MUCH.
i love you, always forever.
near and far, closer together.