Monday, December 10, 2012

The making of a perfect weekend:

  • Baja Burrito & knitting night with a really random but wonderful group of women.
  • kick-ass (seriously) Jazzercise workout, in which I left with a fully soaked t-shirt.
  • doggie bath time... clean pups are the best.
  • Little Sister art time
  • Christmas party with lots of homemade gifts, wine, delicious food, and wonderful company.
  • Sleeping in & making homemade cinnamon rolls... sugar overload.
  • Eating lots of homemade apple cider caramels.
  • Folk + Free Skool gardening class with friends.
  • Dutch Blitz game night, complete with ginger-apple spritzer, caramels, and laughter with two of my favorite women.
  • Wrapping presents & putting them under the tree.
  • Knitting on the couch with a cat on each side of me.
  • Knowing that in less than a week, my grad school friends will be free to hang out with me again (this means you, Sarah).
  • Knowing that Christmas is 15 days away!!!
Folk + Free Skool

She made this for me. "Jayvea loves Becca as a real sister and mom." 

Corduroy cuddle time.
and presents under the tree!

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amy said...

i just cried a little at Jayvea's art. so sweet.