Thursday, December 13, 2012


Life is really grand. There are times when I wish some things about it were different, but overall, life is really wonderful these days & I continually feel really blessed. It's interesting how sometimes, when things get "harder", it becomes more & more apparent how blessed you really are. I am happy with life as it is right now. Certainly, there are things I would like to "fix" or make go away, but I'm realizing that I've got to accept the bad with the good.

That being said, sometimes I like to dream of a perfect little life...

One where we live on the seaside in a secluded cottage in a little village somewhere cold. We have a big garden/farm, and we live off of our land. I spend my days knitting, sewing, cooking, crafting, and working with the disadvantaged in our village. We have a little co-op where we sell/trade crafted goods & food, where people from the village gather to read books, drink tea, share in each other's presence, and commune. We have a couple kids running around and playing in the dirt, and tons of animals outside & inside. We have some technology, but not much. Life is simple, and we spend time enjoying each other's company and away from the distractions of modern life. We love deeply, laugh constantly, and bask in the simplicity and beauty of nature, each other, and life in its entirety.

I know it probably sounds really dumb, or boring, or silly to a lot of people. But that's the kind of life I want. And even if we don't end up in a secluded seaside cottage, I want my life to embody that spirit: one of simplicity, humility, self-sustainability, and honesty. More than ever, I have a clear picture of what is important to me & what kind of life I want to lead. To a lot of people, I've become boring, but I feel like I've finally started maybe a little bit figuring it out. I love that we all have different hopes & dreams for our lives. I'm amazed and thoroughly impressed by my friends in big cities, pursuing their dreams & aspirations. And I love that our lives are unique and meaningful, each in their own way.

I guess seeing what my dream life is makes it no wonder that I love staying home to knit, cuddle with my dog, play a boardgame with my husband, cook good food for friends, drink too much wine, and go to bed early. I really like it that way.

we would have sheep... and i would spin my own wool.

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Bethany said...

Wow, even if life does't end up the way you dream, you still want it to embody that spirit. I MEAN, WOW. I love it. I definitely focus on that thought more.
I really resonate with a lot of what you wrote about in this post. Not the specific dream, but the idea. And loving a life that may seem boring to others. I'm all there, girl.