Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Stinkin' Friday

Y'all, it's FRIDAY. and I've never been more excited about that.

Yesterday was ex-haus-ting.... had a crisis situation with a client & had to call the cops (side note: I will be repositioning the furniture in my office so that I am not completely boxed-in in the event of another crisis situation. Yeesh.), then had a really great but tiring intake with a homeless man who really wants/needs some assistance, then had a benefits enrollment meeting. Insurance is really confusing, guys. But my agency is amazing and is footing the bill for the 40% increase in our premiums. WOW.

So yesterday, needless to say, my brain felt like jello after work. Luckily I got to go to my exercise class & came home to a delicious dinner of curry lentil soup that Nathan just whipped up without a recipe. Then we snuggled and watched a movie. I love him, did you know?

AND NOW IT'S FRIDAY! So to celebrate, we will be have a double-date-night-in with Sarah & Lauren, complete with adult hot cocoa, wine, games, movies, and lots of love. Tomorrow I get to go to a super session exercise class, then a doggie-festival date with Marie & Bella. Then.... wait for it.... The Hobbit! I'm so pumped. And, to top it off, Jayvea & I are going to a holiday social for Big Brothers Big Sisters on Sunday.

I am so ready to get this weekend started....

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